Текст песни DJ Shadow - Nobody Speak

[Verse 1: El-P]Picture thisI’m a bag of dicksPut me to your lipsI am sickI will punch a baby bear in his shitGive me lipI’ma send you to the yard, get a stick,make a switchI can end a conversation real quick [Killer Mike]I am crackI ain’t lying kick a lion in his crackI’m the shit, I will fall off in your crib,take a shitPinch your momma on the booty,kick your dog,fuck your bitchFat boy dressed up like he’s Santaand took pictures with your kids [El-P]We the bestWe will cut a frowny face in your chest,little wenchI’m unmentionably fresh,I’m a mensch, get correctI will walk into a court while erect,screaming «Yes!I am guilty motherfuckers,I am death.» Hey, you wanna hear a good joke? [Refrain]Nobody speak, nobody get choked [Verse 2: El-P]Get runningStart pumping your bunions, I’m comingI’m the dumbest, who flamethrowyour function to FunyunsFlame your crew quicker than Trumpfucks his youngestNow face the flame fuckers your fameand fate’s done with [Killer Mike]I rob Charlie Brown, Peppermint Patty,

Linus and LucyPut coke in the doobie roll wooliesto smoke with SnoopyI still remain that dick grabbing slackerthat spit a loogieCause the toter of the toolie’ll murderyou friggin’ MooliesFuck outta here, yeah [Refrain]Nobody speak, nobody get choked, heyNobody speak, nobody get choked, heyNobody speakNobody speak [Verse 3: El-P]Only facts I will shoot aBaby duck if it quacks, with a RugerTop billin’, come cops some villainous shotsis blocked, shipped out, and bought,and you’re feeling itEl-P killing it, Killer Mike killing shit [Killer Mike]What more can I say? We top billin’ itValiant without villainyViciously file victoryBurn towns and villagesBurning looting and pillaging [El-P]Murderers try to hurt uswe curse them and all their childrenI just want the breadand bologna bundles to tuck awayI don’t work for free,I am barely giving a fuck away [Killer Mike]So tell beggin’ Johnny and Mommyto get the fuck awayHeyyo here’s a gun sonnow run get it the gutterwayLive to shoot another day [Refrain]Nobody speak, nobody get choked, heyNobody speak, nobody get choked, heyNobody speakNobody speakNobody speak, nobody get choked
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