Текст песни DNCE - Maybe (Baby)

Don't say "maybe", baby Don't say "wait" And don't say "soon enough" Cause soon is too late I don't need no tender words Or no bad excuse Don't say "maybe", baby Just turn me loose Don't say "hold on", honey Don't slow down You know I'm running wild Don't run me 'round Don't pull the reins on me Or say "whoa, whoa, whoa" Don't say "hold on", honey Just say "let's go" Oh, my engine's running, baby My headlights are on Just wave that white flag, baby And we're gone Yeah, we're gone Don't say "maybe", baby Don't ask why Cause you're my only girl And I'm your guy I'm true as truth, my girl And that ain't no lie So don't say "maybe", baby Just say you're mine Oh, just say you're mine Just say you're mine Just say you're mine Just say you're mine Don't say "maybe", baby Just, baby, be mine
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