Текст песни Dolly Parton - Chicken every sunday

Just because all my dresses are just cotton hand-me-downs This family calls me the lower class Cause we're only poor folks on the other side of town They won't let him walk up my path But my mama says don't worry When they say those things about ye You remember you're just as good as him Just because they got that big house settin' way upon the hill Why, you don't have to look up to them We've got chicken every Sunday And the preacher comes around And every Saturday morning daddy takes us all to town And we'd go to the picture show or picnics on the ground Oh that's the lower class and

I'm glad that's what I am Cause my mama don't belong To the ladies social set My daddy can't afford the country club His folks look down on me And they don't let us date Cause they think that I'm not good enough But my mama says forgive him honey He ain't worthy of And in anything you're too good for him Just because they've got money and a big fine house Well we won't take no self off of them We've got chicken every Sunday... We've got chicken every Sunday...
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