Текст песни Dominic Fike - Rollerblades

When I loved your body from your shoulder bladesTo your rollerblades (Love your body)And you taught me how to leave the everythings In the moment, thanks (Leave your problems)I was younger then, back then, Back in them older days (Younger back when)Thought that I was built to last for youWhy'd you quit so soon?You could've held on too (Love your body)When you love somebody But you know it's only for a moment 'cause (Love your body)There's so many different dimensions But you're the only one (Leave your problems)It don't ever make any sense When it come to the one you love (Younger back when)

The only oneOn your own I feel but I can see your starI hope one day my watch works like a VCR (Turn the time back)A million miles to me but I can feel you still (When you're with me)Can you tell?And if history repeats I'll be right here in your reach(Right here where you need)'Cause I'm still under your spell as far as I can tellBut you never worried about meWhen you loved your body from your shoulder blades To your rollerblades (Love your body)And I taught you how to beat the heavy things When the moment came (Leave your problems)Younger back when
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