Текст песни Донни Монтелл - Love is blind

When the day becomes the night You know that I think of you And I cannot control my heart It's crying for you Loneliness is killing me I’m helpless without your love Knowing when you touch someone I can’t understand… Now it's tearing me apart I want you back And it's made me realize Just what I had Love is blind it's true Nobody is like you My endless melody I play for me and you Love is blind it's true I'm on my knees for you I'd give it all I can To have you back again Love is blind I just can’t believe you're gone And I let it slip away I can't believe I was the one Who caused you pain You should know deep down inside She didn't mean a thing to me What can I do to win back your heart And make you stay… I can't believe, can't believe you're gone I can't believe... Другие Песни Евровидения 2012
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