Текст песни Donots - Good-bye routine

This heart is barely beating The air is getting thin Do you know what I mean? A change is due For something new This portrait of a fracture This x-ray of a big mistake, that's me and you And you know it, too Good-bye routine It's time to leave I guess I miss a stranger A friend I've never had Someone I've never met It's odd but true Well, how about you? Throw out the road maps Let's go home to a place we've never been before There's gotta be much, much, much more Good-bye routine Pack your bags, let's leave Good-bye routine Burn the props, rewrite the scene Just can't fight the feeling We're choking on the air that we're breathing And my mind is reeling Forget about the mess that we're leaving Good-bye routine Change the lives we're leading Kiss me now, we'll call it even
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