Текст песни Draconian - Storm of Damnation

Shadows now fall over this tearstain'd strife[Grievance:]My angel dark; I grieve these frozen years!To thy knees thou fallest, trembling in thy fear...A mournful gloom o'er these bleeding wounds[Spirit of Night:]Angels sing for us...They cometh fro' below![Lucifer:]I shall rise from His land of pain...Darkness I am and the autumn-rain!Senses and hope leads astray...Time will slowly fadeth away![Astaroth:]

Starfire burns, our black misanthropy...But the battle is lost, and His wrath upon us[Grievance:]They are so alone... so sadly beautifulMy love will shine and give them hope![Spirit of Night:]Fires burn for us...They cometh fro' below![Lucifer:]Lord of Heav'n and thy masterplanHow could thou force us to worship man?Here at last we shall be free...In this darkness lies the keyIn darkness lies my key...
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