Текст песни Draconian - The Everlasting Scar

Behold me now, I'm lost somehow Summoned up in sorrow from a world beyond Never let go my crimson rapture... Can you touch my soul? I see you in every shade In every moment I breathe You came as the silent wanderer Travelling to distant shores I am the life that learned to die I have no choice, I've lost my voice I am the tear who broke with fear I won't return, to death I turn If humans were like swans I could bear this burden with ease... Never to witness this heartless disease As the wounds of time neglect me Walking the earth as the solitary reaper... Dressed in the lost voices of time I bathe in quiet waters of tearful shades And I suffer in every corner of your sanctuary Embrace me now, for I will die The pain I feel inside will never leave But never let go my crimson rapture... Can you heal my soul?
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