Текст песни Dragony - Land of broken dreams

We travelled far, we rode the night We saw the fires burning bright Into the sacred skies of fate They came in dark, disguised as friends They killed the king and slaughtered men They hailed a demon's reign So they came, defiled the holy crown Our lord is dead, there is blood on the ground On this night now the terror is back On fields of battle, a coward's attack Come with me To a land of broken dreams Where darkness rises and shadows rule the night Fly with me To the land of broken dreams Where heroes ready for the fight In the land of broken dreams! We fled that night, many were caught And others killed, we almost thought that we would not get out alive (now) Shiranion rules in black of night A shadow lord who feasts on fright The bane of great Alcador! With the darkness came a fearsome sight We cursed his name and we damned the night We ran through shadows and the firestorm We fled the night from the demonspawn! Through the night and the pouring rain The city alight and devoured by flame The last one survivor is running from hell We all remember how Alcador fell! Save us! The stars are falling Save us! The angels calling Save us! The creature's laughing Save us!
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