Текст песни Drake - Go Out Tonight

[Verse]You've been home for three whole daysActin' like you got chores to doBoy this house is way too cleanI don't think there's nothing more to doOh, you don't need that girl, she did it all wrongYou was still you before she ever came alongGet over it, get over itI mean I understand the painSomeone did me the sameI just put that nigga in his place then I got over it

Then I got over it and if you wanna know the truth[Pre-Hook]I think you should just get dressed and go out tonightGo out tonightOrder you a drink, don't even overthinkCall a couple friends you know you can have some fun withAnd go out tonight, go out tonightCause you might just meet me[Hook] (x2)And I'm lookin' for, and I'm lookin' forAnd I'm lookin' for somebody to be withAnd I'm lookin' for what you're lookin' forYeah, you might just meet me
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