Текст песни Draugûl - The Curse of Heoroth

Bark on waves under the lee of a cliffIron-clad warriors embarked on a questBeyond the horizon in the land of the DanesTo aid the House of Hrothgar, to ease the unrestSail was set against fierce windsTimbers smashed with foam on the prowBeacons were lit as the ship approached the landSet foot in their kinland with shield and sword in handGreeted they were in the Hall of the KingsTo the music of the fiddle as the minstrel singsThe account of Grendel to Beowulf was toldOf how the savage creature slew the kings of oldA warrior of legends from the seas would comeMaster of warcraft and Grendel would overcomeTo Hrothgar an oath Beowulf proudly madeOn first light of dawn all their fears would fadeTo the sky horns of mead were raisedThe warrior rejoiced as he was praisedAll hailed the glorious deadTheir hunger for vengeance about to be fedNight reigned on Heoroth, the moors lay in gloomGrendel awoke to craft man's doomBeowulf awaited, his Liegemen asleepA rage that swelled for battle To send Grendel to the deepThus Burst the demon, smashed the golden door His eyes with rage aflame, hungry for gore

Seized a Sleeping warrior and beat him numbTore The Victim apart from limb to limbFrom the dark corners of the golden hallSprang Beowulf unto his feetGrabbed fast the fiend with an iron gripGrendel was stricken by the force of this GeatThe Hall now resounded in a furious clashGrendel berserk, swelled with InsanityA shriek of pain bedazzled the hearts of the DanesAs Beowulf ripped off the arm of the monstrosityTo the sky Horns of mead were raisedThe warrior rejoiced as he was praisedAll hailed the glorious deadTheir hunger for vengeance now has been fedThe Desire of The Danes has come to passAfter a bloody contest between two titansHrothgar's Hall has been cleansed from attackFor Grendel knew he faced his death...As a trophy of the battle the severed arm was hangedFor all people to witness this heroic actFor he spoke truth when boasted of his featsOf courage and valour of their Kinsmen GeatsIn the lake of demons, Grendel did layHis ancestral fathers would curse this dayWhen their envoy from darkness, slain by son of manJoined his cursed brothers in the molten seas of hell...
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