Текст песни Earl Sweatshirt - Grief

[Hook]Good grief, I been reaping what I sowNigga, I ain't been outside in a minuteI been living what I wroteAnd all I see is snakes in the eyes of these niggasMomma taught me how to read 'em when I lookMiss me at the precinct getting bookedFishy niggas stick to eating off of hooksSay you eating, but we see you getting cooked, nigga[Verse 1]I don't act hard, I'm a hard act to follow, niggaLike it or not, when it drop, bet he gotta listenChasing dragons, tryna make it happen, on a missionStep into the shadows, we could talk addictionWhen it's harmful where you going and the part of you that know itDon't give a fuck, pardon me for going into details3-7-6 was a brothelWe had females come in every hour on the dotAnd the shit sound like a gavel when it knockFocus on my chatter, ain't as frantic as my thoughtsLately I've been panicking a lotFeelin' like I'm stranded in a mobScrambling for Xanax out the canister to popNever getting out of hand, steady handling my job

Time damaging my tiesWho turn to get up? Get dude turned to dinner quickYou circus niggas, you turning into tricksI was making waves, you was surfing in 'emDealing with the stomach pains just from birthing niggas' shitCut the grass off the surfacePray the lawnmower blade catch the back of a serpent nigga shitBitch[Hook][Verse 2]I'm fleeting thoughts on a leashFor the moment, high as fuckI've been alone in my shit for the longestSnakes sliding in the streetMama taught me how to not be like the bodies lying in themPigs, riding in 'emI'm a target so it's hard to even eye me in 'emIf he ain't dying for me, then I ain't riding with himThere's no time for thatMaking sure my man wallet's straight like a collarWhen you eyeing thatThinking 'bout my grandmama, find a bottleI'mma wallow when I lie in thatI just want my time and my mind intactWhen they both gone, you can't buy 'em back
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