Текст песни Eazy-E - My Baby'z Mama

[Intro] —What ya doin', daddy, what ya doin', daddy?" —I'm sittin' here writin' this song about baby's mothers, who, uh, try to sue the daddys for child support, even though daddy's takin' care of the baby. But the mother's just, you know, scandalous and I'd just like to say... [Verse 1:] Fuck my baby's mama, the bitch got drama! Fuck my baby's mama! ‘Cause she's the type of bitch that wanna see me broke. Broker than a joke, bitch stole my role, And every time I see the bitch, she needs cash, She make me wanna slap her ass. Trifling bitch, always got me in a fix, The low life Compton-shopping-swap-meet trick, I wanna kill the ho, Then slam her in the trunk of my six four. ‘Cause, yo, that ho made my dick grow, And now her lawyer's at every show Waitin' for me to kick in my dough. But before I go, I'm on death row, ‘Cause the bitch had too much drama, Fuck my baby's mama! [Hook – ×8:] Fuck my baby's mama! That bitch! [Verse 2] Fuck my baby's mama, the bitch got drama! And I'm not the one. I should just knock her punk ass out While I'm in court payin' child support, But then I gotta deal with the father and the steel And he's the type of nigga that a nigga's gotta kill. Make me kick up a grip, I don't like her, ‘Cause the bitch is buyin' skirts instead of diapers, Beggin' so much to hold hands, it startin' to look like cuffs. I wish I never fucked, But that's too late. “How much you laid? ‘Cause according to your income, you might have to spend some Time behind bars, now you find it hard”. I never thought a bitch would pull a stunt like this, I can't do another day with Pamela. So I'mma pay, Ya Honor, But I'd just like to say [Hook – ×8:] Fuck my baby's mama! That bitch! [Verse 3:] I think of all the money I spent on a lawyer, I used to be an employer, But now I'm just an employee, filin' bankruptcy, But now the punk bitch can't touch me. Uh, I only call her to check up on my daughter, So now she got a restraining order, Put me to the curb and had the nerve to ask to borrow a dime. Bitch, you must be out your rabid ass mind! Huh, love for start will take much, you see? The bitch broke me so now I need a crutch, But you gotta understand a judge don't give a fuck About a young nigga that's down on his luck, So I gotta put the P down and be down for the calls, And give the bitch back her drawers. So if you drivin' by and you see her, Do me a favor, give the bitch the finger. Fuck her! [Hook – ×8:] Fuck my baby's mama! That bitch! [Outro:] You biiitch! That's fucked up! Go to hell! We dedicate this number to you. This one's for you. This evening's news report. See you 'round, buddy boy.
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