Текст песни Eazy E - We want Eazy

"We want eazy!" Well, clap ya hands then-come on Clap ya hands everybody Clap ya hands, come on, come on Put ya hands together and clap 'em Now can y'all say Eazy Come on, say it EAZ-Y Everybody come on, EAZ-Y... People from everywhere gather around Checkin' out the sound that Eazy is throwin' down With some help from Ren and Dre Makin' a way with dope style Yo Eazy, what ya gotta say A miracle of modern creation Eazy E's on the set Hyped up with the bass And a little bit of what ya love From a brother who's smooth like a criminal I mean subliminal Otherwise known as a villain Because I'm ruthless When I spot a sucka, I kill 'em But most I think know not to deal with me Yo, it's obvious, tell 'em who you came to see EAZ-Y... Yeah 'cuz this is the way I know you like it So you won't strike it I took it and I hyped it And now that it's done, I know ya pleased At how the E just duz it with ease Just imagine a crowd screamin', a girl dreamin' Just to get a picture of me 'n' my B-O-Y-Z From the H-double-O-D N.W.A., down with me Strong 'n' I'm ragin' Turn the page 'n' See I'm not a son of a gun I'm a gauge 'n' Nuthin' can avoid this shot 'cause it's hittin' It's so cool when you touch it, wear a mitten I'm comin' off raw into ya speaker Makin' the suckas on the street feel weaker But most I think know not to deal with me Yo, it's obvious, tell 'em who you came to see EAZ-Y... Aw, never, I'm just too clever So, in fact, that no one can sever A blow from a maniac and yo, I make it clear So a register is all I hear Money overturned, then I jet To make another hit, for you to go and get Record stores sold out because you love it Another example of how Eazy duz it EAZ-Y We want Eazy...
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