Текст песни Eden - Rock + Roll

[Verse 1]So tell me this is who you areThey tell me I've got something moreAnd oh, you could be lovedBut I don't want the lights to find me when I'm dark and lostBut never on my own[Chorus]'Cause I just wanna swing like SinatraSinging like I can't stop'Cause I could never rock like a Rolling StoneI just wanna live like the ones before, yeahAnd maybe I could play guitar like HendrixOr save the world or end itAnd then maybe they'll remember me when I'm goneThat's all I could ever wantThat's all I want[Verse 2]So I got ten minutes to be all or nothing toWhoever wants to hearAnd I got ten weeks of talking bullshit on repeat Till I'm burnt out and disappearBut I owe you nothingAnd I own my luckOh, they said you'll never be alone againBut I don't think you understand me or what I fearBut you could be lovedBut I don't wanna lie to tell myselfI'm more than all the mistakes I've outrun[Verse 3]'Cause I'm only here for a minuteAnd I don't care what you say 'cause I knowYou're only here cause I'm winningBut I can be my own kind of rock and rollI don't really care if you say you don't fuck with meAnd I can say what the fuck I want 'cause it's down to meAnd I got love for you even if you were doubting meLike, oh my God, I just can't stop[Chorus]

'Cause I just wanna sing like SinatraWith ethanol my soundtrack'Cause I could never rock like a Rolling StoneI wonder how it feels to burn out young, yeah'Cause I just wanna die before my heart failsFrom heartbreak or cocktails andThen maybe you'll cry once you know I'm goneThat's all I could ever wantOh, that's all I want, yeah[Bridge]'Cause I ain't scared of livin'Does it get easier?No... yes, it gets easierNo, I ain't scared of livin'Oh yeah?No, I ain't scared of livin'[Outro]Sex, drugs, and rock and roll - that's all I want'Cause it's all we've gotWhat are we breathin' for if we ain't living?What's under the words you know - that's all I wantAnd I don't want your loveI just wanna feel like I'm still livin'Something more than superficial is all I wantAnd if there is no godI know the day I die, I lived through heavenSex, drugs, and rock and roll - that's all I wantAnd that I gave it hellAnd if it hurt, oh wellAt least that's livingThe more you know who you are and what you want...That's all I want...the less you let things upset youThat's all I wantI just don't know who I'm supposed to beI tried being a writer but I hate what I writeAnd I tried taking pictures but they were so mediocreYou know, and every girl goes through a photography phaseYou know, like horses, and taking dumb pictures of your feetYou'll figure that out - I'm not worried about you
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