Текст песни Elbow - Firebrand And Angel

North Star Rolling round the heavens and watching me pine The whole night through When we were together the terror sublime Would turn me blue When you're in her mirror you don't even know Your own green eyes Fella interstellar, I'm broken in two And I blame you North star giz a little sprinkle of heavenly dust I just need sane Wishing on you got me a hatful of rain And three lost years When you're in her mirror you don't even feel The tears that fall Fella interstellar, I'm miles from home The blame is yours Blame you, blame you Hey there Woke up on a curbstone as high as a sofa Dopey and hopeless Hey there Show me to the corner of firebrand and angel Open a place and I'll Stay there One day in a whirlwind she'll call for a late one Stay for a lifetime Meantime My best friend never-ending forgets all my stories And lies of my glories
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