Текст песни Elbow - Firebrand And Angel

North StarRolling round the heavens and watching me pineThe whole night throughWhen we were together the terror sublimeWould turn me blueWhen you're in her mirror you don't even knowYour own green eyesFella interstellar, I'm broken in twoAnd I blame youNorth star giz a little sprinkle of heavenly dustI just need saneWishing on you got me a hatful of rainAnd three lost yearsWhen you're in her mirror you don't even feelThe tears that fall

Fella interstellar, I'm miles from homeThe blame is yoursBlame you, blame youHey thereWoke up on a curbstone as high as a sofaDopey and hopelessHey thereShow me to the corner of firebrand and angelOpen a place and I'llStay thereOne day in a whirlwind she'll call for a late oneStay for a lifetimeMeantimeMy best friend never-ending forgets all my storiesAnd lies of my glories
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