Текст песни Elbow - Great Expectations

And if it rains all dayCall on you, I'll call on youLike I used toSlide down beside and wrap you in storiesTailored entirely for youI'll remind youWe exchanged a vowI love you, I always willA call girl with yesterday eyesWas our witness and priestStockport supporters club kindly supplied us a choirYour vow was your smileAs we move down the aisleOf the last bus homeAnd this is where I goJust when it rainsBlinking and stoned

Rain in your hairYou only smoke'Cause it's something to shareSinging, "Bring on the nightTo have and to holdThe sodium light turning silver to gold."Spitfire thin and strung like a violin, I wasYours was the face with a grace from a different ageBut you were the sun in my Sunday morningYou were the sun in my Sunday morningTelling me never to goSo I'll live on the smileAnd move down the aisleOf the last bus homeAnd if you're running lateThis is where I'll goKnow I'll always wait
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