Текст песни Elizabeth Gillies - Animal

If I didn't want youWould I cry your name out loud?And curse it as I wanderInto this madding crowd?And if I didn't need youWhy do you run right through my veins?Savage and so dangerousYou linger and remainAnd if I didn't want youWould I arrive outside your door?Bent, but still not broken, babeCryin' out for moreMore, more, moreUh, more, more, moreI'm an animal

Yeah baby, in a midnight summer heatI slay my prey and lay the bodies downAt your blessed feet, ohYou got the power baby and I'm your trusted queenGive me the stars, gimme the sunAll that lies in between, ohI'm an animal for youI'm an animal for youFor you... For youOh, I'm an animal for youI'm an animal for youFor youYeah! Oh, yeah!Yeah! Oh, yeah!Yeah! Oh, yeah!
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