Текст песни Ella Fitzgerald - Shiny Stockings

Those silk shiny stockings That I wear when I'm with you I wear 'cause you told me That you dig that crazy hue Do we feel the romance When we go to the dance? Oh, no, you take a glance At those shiny stockings Then came along some chick With great big stockings too When you changed your mind about me Why, I never knew I guess I'll have to find A new, a new kind A guy who digs my shiny stockings too I've got stockings I wanna show To make you know That I'm just the girl for you My hosiery is great And I have them on straight I'll make you a choice mate Yes, indeed, you'll love me boy With these new stockings how Can I lose now When you see them You'll go mad I'll turn you around fast And we'll make our love last Forever with these shiny stockings of mine The shiny, shiny! Wait till you see them You won't believe them! They will really gas you You can't let 'em pass you Without staring at these shiny stockings now You will dig my shiny stockings boy and how Shiny stockings
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