Текст песни Elton John - House of Cards

I hear tell some playboy has kidnapped your heartWith his plane and his plans for games after darkJust a pen in his pocket, and the price of a roomWhere the second hand sheets smell of stale perfumeIf there's sharks in the water, don't swim where it's deepFor the taste of success can be bitter and sweetIt could be you're right that I act like a childBut you'll be the loser when the jokers run wild

You're just playing the game, but the stakes are too highWhat will you do when the chips start to flyWhen the deck's stacked against you, and the living gets hardOh it's four walls of madness in this house of cardsCommon you call me, but I know there's timeIn a handful of diamonds, a heart's hard to findAnd your house of cards starts weighing you downYour nights become restless when the clubs start to pound
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