Текст песни Elton John - I Just Can't Wait to Be King*

Way behind the water holeA little down the lineThe jungle and the plains and peaksAre scheduled to be mineI'm gonna be the rulerOf most everything aroundFrom the grandest of the mountainsTo the humble common groundMy reign will be a super awesome thingOh, I just can't wait to be kingI'm gonna be a noble kingUnscrupulously fairI only need a little timePerhaps a little hairI'm gonna be the mane eventLike no king was beforeI'm brushing up on looking downI'm working on my roar

The fauna and the flora gonna swingOh, I just can't wait to be kingNo one saying do thisNo one saying be thereNo one saying stop thatNo one saying see hereFree to run around all dayI'll be free to do it my wayThe time has come as someone saidTo talk of many thingsThis may be trueBut I would rather stick to talking kingsIt's easy to be royal if you're already leonineIt isn't just my right even my left will be divineThe monarchy is waiting to go zingOh I just can't wait to be king* – OST The Lion King (1994) (саундтрек к мультфильму "Король Лев")
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