Текст песни Elton John - I Know Why I'm in Love

I wake up, and I look at the clockIn the middle of the nightMy heart stopsWhen I see you in the moonlightI know why I'm in lovePeace will come, I promise youI wish you successIn all you doAnd when I think about the restI know why I'm in loveIt's hard to find the kind of thingYou've searched for all your lifeSomeone bright and crazy

With a little soul insideAnd looking at you fast asleepI thank the stars aboveAnd what more can I sayI've said it all in different waysThe bottom line, the simple facts are trueI know why I'm in love with youI only hope you know I love you tooI kiss you and I melt insideWhat you mean to meI can't describeAnd if seeing is believingYou'd know why I'm in love
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