Текст песни Elton John - Into the Old Man's Shoes

I'm moving out of TombstoneWith the sun behind my back,I'm tired of people talkingOf the things that I did lack.Ever since a week ago,The day he passed away,I've been taking too much noticeOf the things they've had to say.And all they sayIs – you ain't half the man he used to be,He had strength and he worked his lifeTo feed his family.

So if that's the way it has to be,I'll say goodbye to you,I'm not the guy, or so it seems,To fill my old man's shoes.Like I'm a wicked way of life,The kind that should be tamed,They'd like to see me locked in jailAnd tied up in their chainsOh! It's hard, and I can't seeWhat they want me to do, Lord,They seem to thinkI should step into my old man's shoes.
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