Текст песни Elton John - Planes

Oh, Jessie, I'd like to beOne of those men up on the screenWith an elegant lady and a cafe in ParisServing Pernot and Kahlua with creamYou can see it I knowAll the doors have been closed in my faceAnd the drinks at the CasbahRun a mile or more from this placeAnd oh, Jessie, won't you look at the planesTell me, oh Jessie, is it true what they say

That there's a capital G in the name of the gameAnd the runway's a home For my silver-grey planeAnd won't you look at the planesRiding down the skywayJessie ain't those wings just fineDon't it make you want to fly somedayWhy friend am I so stillTied to my job with time to killDo I still bear the traces of old Don QuixoteTilting giants on imaginary hills
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