Текст песни Elton John - Screw You (Young Man's Blues)

When I was a boy I had a lot of fun, I lived by the sea, I was a fisherman's son; My mother, she was a fisherman's wife, She was scrubbing floors most of her life. They said, Screw you, I ain't got nothing to lose, I could paper a matchbox With the money I use. At the school I attended I got into fights, I was beaten in an alley on a cold winter night; The teachers cared less for the blood in our veins, They got most of their thrills out of using a cane. They said, Screw you, Oh, you bloody young fools, I could get more sense out Of the back end of a mule. So you see, there's man who get paid for being slaves, And men who get paid for being free, And there's men behind bars who pray for the light, And men in the suburbs who pray for the night; And they're all trying to climb to the top of the mine, And all of them say most of the way, Screw you. I worked in the mill from seven till nine, Tears in my eyes nearly drove me half-blind, Trying to make wages that weren't even there, Taking hell from a foreman with the build of a bear. He said, Screw you, This is all you'll ever do, It's the only existence For someone like you.
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