Текст песни Elton John - Sisters of the Cross

The old gates are always lockedBy the daughter of the keysSad eyes are fixed on the worldFrom the balconyWhile the six o'clock processionTake their prayer books to the hallIt's sad to see them shed a tearInside the convent wallsRed mountains around themKeep out those who comeBut only birds and wild deerShare the lives of nunsFor ladies who in kindnessBurn the knowledge they have foundTheir knowledge lies inside a holeBuried in the groundFor the Sisters of the CrossSeek the shadows they have lostIn the walls where their lives

Are protected by GodBut the feeling of loveIs somewhere in your bonesYour body is wastedWhen it should have been ownedThe Mother of the mission bellsHas lived here all her lifeShe never felt the hands of manTouch her in the nightAnd the canopies that cover herSo cold and so afraidThinking holy mothers dieLike spinsters in the graveTo be single in the chapelPraying knelt down on your kneesWhere the corridors are echoing their proud solemnityAnd the candle-light against the glassPlays shadow-chasing tricksAs young girls fall, their eyes in tearsBeside the crucifix
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