Текст песни Elton John - Thank You Mama

Now the world has turned awayMy luck gets colder every dayYou don't know how it isI lost all my will to liveYou've taken the love I had to giveYou don't know how it isThank you, MamaYou ease to please againYou know, MamaYou take the pain awayOh it's sad but not so badMade me loose the blues I hadThank you, MamaYou ease to please again

Well Sunday comes along with the windEvery Sunday was spent with himYou don't know how it isWe would watch the flames burn highHelp me Mama, I'm starting to cryYou don't know how it isYou seem to understand what's wrong‘Cos you've known me for so longOh, you know how it isLost on one all down the lineAnd you always stood behindOh, you know how it is
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