Текст песни Elton John - Tortured

I'd like to make this song so simpleDon't want to hide my feelings underDrawn up words in shades of many colorsHow can I make them think I'm cleverBy merely saying that I miss youIt's just a state they claim I'm going throughDon't want you to think that I am weakeningAlthough you know I'm always dreamingSomeday you'll be coming home to meTortured, I've been so tortured by you so many timesBut you always love the ones that hurt you

And I guess those are the ties that bindTortured by youIf I had taken parting easyIt might have been a better lessonFor all concerned in wars of love and hateHow can you swear through words and musicThe heart you crave and how to move it[2x:]It's just a beach you washed my body ontoDon't want you to know that I am cryingAlthough your friends can see I'm dyingSlowly from the knife you left in me
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