Текст песни Elton John - Turn to Me

[2x:]Turn to me, turn to me when you're lonelyBrush them aside, gather your prideBaby turn to meDon't listen to the peopleWho spread lies about your nameI know it hurtsBut baby I've had it tooI've learned to live with their abuse

I've learned to live with those who chooseTo disregard my emptiness and lose meYour laughter has died in the heat of the nightThe people they pretend that company is brightBut brighter you'll wait by the phone that has diedDon't bury your hopes, there's nothing that's left for you to confide inBut you seem to be happy just for now to go onTry to see through them baby, can't you see what is wrongYou're hurting yourself more that you'll ever knowYou're pushing the people to tell you to go
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