Текст песни Elton John - Wake Up Wendy*

Got this bug-eyed girlCold hand on my kneeFrozen teeth, chitter chatterShe's dressed up like a cemetery, like a cemeterySnow-bound all winterBlue lips on my cheekLittle tongue's prattlin', rattling'Talking 'bout them hometown geeks, them hometown geeksWake up Wendy, smell the coffeeHelp me into your custom kitchenGimme a cup of that old black magicI wanna get me some of that old home cookin'Can you feel it

It's chilly and a-freezin'Wake up Wendy, moods are changingI got a reason, you got a feelingWake up Wendy, love's in seasonFeels like a steam cleanWhen she washes meValves a-bustin', pumps a-hissin'Just peel me off the ceiling, off the ceiling Chill-eyed, bug-eyed girlZap me into cindersPop the thermal mumbo jumboMelt me with your little fingers, with your little fingers* – OST South Park (1998) (саундтрек к мультфильму "Южный парк")
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