Текст песни Eluveitie - The Nameless

Holy Father in DarknessHallowed be Thy nameThy kingdom cameThe rise of Thy reignThe bloom of the silvern nightHail King of AntumnosHoly Father in DarknessThy will was doneWhen the gates of AntumnosWere opened wideFrom Thy bosomArose in gloryThe children of the OtherworldYou are the nameless

You're the primordial oneWho was, who is and is to comeSenisterosYou are my genesisA rose e'er bloomingFrom noble stemHath sprung the tribesOf the night bornHoly Father in DarknessBright sun of the nightThine is the power and the gloryForever moreHoly Father in DarknessBlessed be Thy nameThy kingdom cameThe rise of Thy reign
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