Текст песни Elvenking - Swallowtail

"Brimstone eyes she hath, Black in colour looking sad The hair like straw, her skin so raw... A debauchery decadent" Grandmother used to tell "beware do not go near the hut – I say!" It was believed to be the home of a witch – a house left in decay They speakest alright 'Cause I went one night And saw the old house Ivy all around Suddenly I was bound And fell in darkness People brave enough went And faced the things they said They never came back, neither to be, Sorry for their misbelieve Only pieces of their bodies hanging up On the strangest trees they found Forming shapes that may have linked To whom the parts belonged in a whole lifetime In her arms you'll crackle like fire In the night you'll see her Swallowtail When she's near you'll hear hell's hs Run (as) fast as you can, Right in the arms of the unknown Swallowtail Swallowtail They told me that your evil would prevail On me, but now I know you are not What they say Swallowtail Swallowtail your beauty Comes like sunshine after rain, so warm, An unexpected spark to wash away the dark She was supposed to be so old, deceitful, Not deceivable Death she'd exhale from her never Ending rings hanging on her nose They speakest no right 'Cause I went one night And saw the old house Butterflies around Suddenly I was bound And fell in beauty All the things they told me – liars! All because she is too beautiful I know I won't go back 'cause At the end I'll be a butterfly Swallowtail Swallowtail... Swallowtail Swallowtail...
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