Текст песни Elvenking - Witches Gather

Incubus, Succubus Quaestio de Strigibus QUAESTIO PRIMA Wandering back, back in time oh what have you learnt? Of all the blood that was spilled, of all the witches burnt Filth and greed, vicious deeds, the holy rise and fall Killing in the name of the one who died for you all Centuries, centuries the wait has been so long Now you would expect intolerance to be gone Still the one who yearn for a sigh of relief to come Are seen as outcast sinners, blasphemous unholy scum Thirteen souls, the witches of the coven Hiding in the shadows of the night Blessed be their wombs, without which we would not be Born in freedom, bred to heal the world QUAESTIO SECUNDA Set to burn at the stake. The heartless witches' bane Sisters of free spirit, cursed to die in vain Hammer crushed, blood gushed, skin was ripped apart Devilmen and church-beasts, butchers of the magical arts Nightshade cloves, hemlock groves, the cauldron starts to boil One-Two double trouble, One-Two double toil Wool of bat, owl's claw, of wolf the tooth, the gulf and maw The lived as living scarecrows, and that's all what we recall Unclouded souls, the witches of the coven Dancing naked, on the Sabbat Night Blessed be their hearts, without which we would not love Born in freedom, bred to heal the world QUAESTIO TERTIA On a broomstick they fly before sunrise Persecuted, with fear hunted down On a broomstick they run away from their homes - their own homes Fly away from this natural born chaos To a hidden place for the weak and diverse I watch them with pity. In the darkness See the fire that burns away See it slowly fades away Breathing in darkness, walking in darkness We won't be living another day Breathing in darkness, walking in darkness We won't be living another day CANTICUM The witches still gather round a circle of fire Together side by side, under the starlit sky The witches will gather and their spirits will fly Together side by side, in the middle of the night QUAESTIO QUARTA I ride! I ride with them in a circle of fire Beyond... Save me, save me! What's bad to all of you is good, so good to a little few Watch out 'cause they are going to burn you, burn in hell! ACCUSATIO CARMAN - white queen of evil DUB - the darkness DOTHER - black daughter of evil DIAN - the violence QUAESTIO QUINTA The sea of blood is running All the pain of the innocent will remain The moon high above is watching and praying and showing her love Like a star deep in the night, she'll start to shiver and will look so bright CONCLUSIO And the day will fade like a stream that is dying, There won't be any circle, nor magical rites... no more We tried to come, we tried to show you the goodness of the stars ...of the moon, but you failed miserably And we paid... we paid... We paid...
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