Текст песни Elvis Presley - Life

Somewhere out in empty spaceLong before the human raceSomething stirredA vast and timeless source beganIntelligence was born and thenThere was the worldPowers filled the universeMatter formed and broke the curseOf nothingnessLove became an ageless soulNature reached her highest goalAnd breathed the breath of lifeEverlasting lifeWell creatures come from out of sightDaylight came from in the nightAnd all was goodLife became a MasterplanLove produced the perfect manThat's understoodThe image of the makers word

Worshipped him with all he hadBut then one dayFrom in the depths an evil seedGrew and manufactured greedThat changed the way of lifeEverlasting lifeOh the loving power looked and sawInside the heart of man a flawBegan to growWell, the fires of hell began to burnAnd so he sent his chosen sonTo let us knowThat love had surely made us allAnd hate would surely make us fallSo from the crossWell he showed the world that dreadful dayThat love could be the only wayOr all is lost of lifeEverlasting lifeFor life is loveAnd love is life
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