Текст песни Emily Wells - Goodbye

Fresh with exhaustion down in warm grass. With the birds callin out, I drifted in visions. While in the backroom of the blue shuttered house The old men they died, with the birds callin out. For six days he lay, talkin' less, talkin' less Fighting with the will the fiercest warrior would embarrass. Like a page, like a page, we did turn, we did turn him. Turn him while he lay. I learned, I did learn of the spirit of a man. He will yearn till that very last day. Like a page, like a page he will yearn, he will yearn. Into his mother's arms he'll return. I sat by his side, callin to sleep. Singin' hems I'd known as a child. Shuttin his eyes, a single tear did slide To dry on his cheek in the mornin. Mornin did break, like it was callin his name. And there we were all sayin' goodbye. Fresh from my wounds, I stood up and bled And there, I gave him away.
Слова и текст песни Emily Wells - Goodbye принадлежит его авторам.

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