Текст песни Emin - Up to you

I can always be a friend Or I can be a stranger. It is up to you. I can always understand, If you choose not to be my angel, Cause it is up to you. I don't want you to pretend, That there is any chance. I'll stop missing you. I don't want you to believe. That I can be a friend, If that's not true. My life without you Is an endless road, I cannot bear.

Cause I'm in love with you And I need you to be close to me forever. I didn't choose to love you, I simply know I do. That's not up you. I didn't choose to want, To sit around and wonder, If you will love me too. And I am so glad, That I am so mad, Always needing you. You're always in my head. I know it sounds sad, There's nothing I can do.
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