Текст песни Engelsstaub - Phantasmagoria

From times immemorial I lived in darkness In blooming silence. Eyes - only able to see In darkness, Ears - only able to hear the beat of my heart. My senses are dead Eternal darkness - eternal silence Dreamless sleep. I roused up by an unfamiliar thought: Flared up pictures had died like falling stars. My hope for light rushed through my body. An unknown but warm voice cut the dull silence: Words which never would open my closed lips. Weally, I noticed a pale face but full of life and with a painful expression. I foresaw its tears Which never would find their way to freedom For this long time I had been on my own but who was this transparent statue? I was able to see with its eyes And able to hear with its ears. I felt with its senses... I absorbed its thoughts and dreams to live therein. But as soon as sleep had left me I was alone again, Nearer to death than before. One feeling remained, my yearning for breaking Out of this darkness to float in radiant light To understand the spoken words after all. To understand the spoken words after all. Therefore I would fight. I would сut off the veil of darkness with my beholding eyes. With my hearing ears I would force the silence To scream. Then the spell would be broken and I would be free. Now - in the distance I already can see the light and hear the gentle voice that tempt me. I walk towards, try to touch it... Finally, I step out from this world into this light. As I reach the source of light and tone I see the pale face with eyes full of life, I listen to the words. I'm not alone any longer But... It's my Mirage
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