Текст песни Evelyn Evelyn - Elephant elephant

Elephant (elephant) Big and strong and gentle and intelligent (intelligent) How could I feel blue I've got my sister at my side And an elephant to ride Elephant (elephant) You're sad and in a cage But that's irrelevant (irrelevant) Cause everyone gets jealous when they see me riding by On a friend of such great size Other kids have bikes (That's true) Or daddies pick them up from school But that won't do for me, you understand (understand) Other kids have horses Other kids have dogs Other kids have hamsters Other kids have frogs But the pet for me is something much more grand And benevolent And elegant And, um And I've got an Elephant, elephant Riding on your back I'm in my element (element) It's true and it's a fact that there's so much you can learn When you're on a pachyderm Oh, elephant (elephant) My thoughts so bad swell of it To give me such a friend Oh, elephant (elephant) I'm with you to the end Elephant, elephant I'm with you to the end (Goodnight, elephant)
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