Текст песни Faith No More - Everything's Ruined

We were so happyThings worked out better than we have plannedCapital from boy, woman and manWe're like ink and paperNumbers on a calculatorKnew arithmetic so wellWorking overtimeCompleted what was assignedWe had to multiply ourselvesA bouncing little babyA shiny copper pennyAnd he spent himselfWould not listen to usBut when he lost his appetiteHe lost his weight and friends

Baby became a fat nickel so fastThen came pubertyExponentiallySoon our boy became a millionPeople loved him soAnd helped him to growEveryone knew the thing that was bestOf course, he must investA penny won't do, no [4x]But he made us proudHe made us richBut how were we to knowHe's counterfeitNow everything's ruined, yeah [8x]
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