Текст песни Faith No More - Introduce Yourself

From the day I was born,I took the bull by the hornAnd gave you plenty to scorn,Well right on!They said in a songThat life was gettin' real tough,But hey I think that you're bluffing,What of it?Introduce yourself (right on!) [5x]Billy!Introduce yourself (right on!)Roddy!Introduce yourself (right on!)Mikey!Introduce yourself (right on!)Jim!

Now two decades gone byAnd I know that's a long time,Para tiempo means nada nunca.Cause I'm still the same assholeAnd I still wet my pantsEverytime time that I see your face(Who are you?)Introduce yourself (right on!) [4x]Hey Mr. Biggs, hey Mr. Bestall, hey Mr. Warner What's up?Hey Mr. Enigma, hey Mr. Bigtime, hey Mr. EpicWhat's going on?Introduce yourself (right on!) [4x]
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