Текст песни Faith No More - Kindergarten

Return to my own vomit like a dogRhymes and giggles muffle the dialogueCarve my initials in a tree, I will never leaveMaybe one day I'll be royaltyKingdomKindergartenBorn lateWill I graduate?Drinking fountains are shorter than they used to beThe swings on the playground don't even fit me anymoreFolklore: Nobody's supposed to believe in the next gradeWrite it a hundred timesKingdomKindergarten

WaitingBell's not ringingHeld back againEverything got quiet suddenly; no dolbyAnd the theatre is emptyFilm is flapping on the side of the projectorThe reel is overBanished with my sticky shoes and stinging eyesI'm walking outsideKingdomKindergartenBorn lateWill I graduate?Held back again [2x]
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