Текст песни Faith No More - RV

Backside melts into a sofaMy world, my TV, and my foodBesides listening to my belly gurgleAin't much else to doYeah, I sweat a lotPants fall down every time I bend overAnd my feet itchYeah, I married a scarecrowI hate youTalking to myselfEverybody's starin' at meI'm only bleedin'Someone taps me on the shoulder every 5 minutesNobody speaks English anymoreWould anybody tell me I was gettin' stupider?I hate youTalking to myselfYou don't feel it after a whileYou take the beatingI'm a swingin' guyThrow a belt over the shower curtain rodAnd swing...

Toss me inside a HeftyAnd put me in the groundA drink needs meI don'tI ain't about to guzzle no tearsSo kiss my assNewscasters, cockroaches, and dessertsI hate youTalkin' to myselfEverybody's starin' at meI'm only bleedin'Where are the kids?Maybe pregnant or on drugsOr on welfare, on top of the world,On the honor roll, on parole, On the Dodgers,On the back of milkcartons, On stakes,In the middle of cornfields,On covers of future history books,On old lady's mantles, walkin' on water, nailed on crossesI think it's time I had a talk with my kidsI'll just tell 'em what my daddy told meYOU AIN'T NEVER GONNA AMOUNT NOTHIN'
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