Текст песни Famous Last Words - Debilitated

[Verse 1] Secrets of the night, make everyone go hide Pretend we're not afraid, but we are terrified inside Our mind: visualize that everyone has died Everyone has died, everyone has died, everyone has died And I try to masquerade the fear inside But it's taking over, taking over my mind I don't know how long I can hide, but [Chorus] I will try Again, and again to fend off the fear inside And I will strive, because I must survive These involuntary dreams And every time I faint I wake up in untold pain Perplexity, absurdity Tell me please, what's wrong with me? [Verse 2] He says, "I'm sure you're fine" You think I'm fine? "I think you're fine But I will run some tests for your peace of mind." "I know how hard it can be; At home, you cook and you clean I just think you need some sleep." "And for the dreams," (They're more than dreams!) "They're only dreams They're just imaginary, fiction, merely fantasy." "I know you're scared and afraid; But you can't let it persuade you to feel so dismayed" [Chorus] [Bridge] "Ma'am, I've received the results of your tests And it appears you have either voluntarily, or involuntarily Ingested a high dose of a drug called "ketamine" Is there something you're not telling me?" [Breakdown] No! I've been drugged, taken advantage of! It must be what's causing all these dreams! It's smothering me, I can hardly breathe Every time I fall asleep! [Chorus]
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