Текст песни Famous Last Words - Marionette

[Verse 1] The stage is set for the scene. The special guest? It must be me, 'cause I'm the only one in this room Except for my love - onstage, who's tied up, awaiting doom To my surprise, suddenly I see On stage his scene partner is me So I'll sit down and take my seat Enjoy the show meant just for me [Chorus] The torturous rage that's performed on this stage As I gaze at myself playing his role It makes me feel whole when I'm in full control I'm no longer a doll that you own [Verse 2] She cuts, slices, watches the blood drip down his arm Just for the rush! He's confused, what will he do? No intermission, on to act two! I'll string you up, make you my puppet Hook in your arms and legs My special marionette! [Chorus] [Chorus 2] You've ruined me, and everything That used to seem pleasant to me Is now a broken mockery Nostalgic, lost reality But now it seems, within these dreams The power all belongs to me And now you know there is no hope So I'll take this knife and slice it through your throat! For you there is no hope! [Chorus 2] [Chorus]
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