Текст песни Famous Last Words - Pretty In Porcelain

[Verse 1] I stand alone in the dark, I feel glued 'cause I can't move My heart, it pounds in my chest, fast As he takes his first step into the room My stomach drops deeply His eager eyes they stare, undressing me I'm nauseous, so sickly Am I dead, am I dreaming? Oppressive caressing Paralyzed, gotta wake up from this nightmare, misery [Chorus] But the nightmare's not over, it's only just begun As he starts to arrange me, does it all for fun And I'll have you know, I'm not a game you can play A fucking doll to manipulate (please, wake me up) His fingers feel like blades as they run up my thighs He paints my face, changes my dress I'm ready for his night, but not through my eyes I'm stuck, imprisoned and paralyzed [Verse 2] Count to three, open my eyes and see: The world around me is still a nightmare

I've gotta wake up from this dream Oh, what could it be this vision's trying to tell me? I can't see it clearly; feel it try to break me [Verse 3] With his touch I feel the burn of a thousand suns I try to scream, I try to move, but I just can't run He's playing with me like a porcelain doll But there's nothing I can do - I just feel so small Makeup running down my face From the tears and the sweat, I feel so disgraced As he dresses and undresses me, I fear I may die Wake up, wake up, wake up! [Chorus] [Bridge] I know to you that I just seem like an inanimate being Deep down inside, I am alive, and you are torturing me! The suffering you've inflicted, you're addicted 'cause your head's sick Actions wicked, sick and twisted Scars will heal, but I'll still feel it [Chorus]
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