Текст песни Fergie - Hungry

[Intro:] Hungry, hungry, yeah Hungry, hungry, yeah Hungry, hungry, mhm yeah Hungry, hungry, mhm yeah[Verse:] To say it's complicated, understatement of the year Well maybe conflict made it the new flavor in your ear They know that I'm a problem, that's why everybody scared Whatever doesn't kill you, can make you an ill-ionaire Uh, just turn the headphones up Or make the windows roll up I make they hands go up When I show up and I blow it 'til I'm full up Wait hold up

Girl up in the mirror Only one I fear, uh You say you the realest I told you I'm the illest[Hook:] Sick, sick Mmm, hungry Still hungry Sick, sick Mmm, hungry Starving Not thirsty Just hungry Ambitious Still hungry
Слова и текст песни Fergie - Hungry принадлежит его авторам.

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