Текст песни Flame Of Life - Maniac

You are mouse, I use your body For a breakfast today. You are my eatting. I swallow Your head and play again. All these people Are my meat That I will use tomorrow. Your crying doesn't stop me now Ready to feel sorrow. You run away but Short feet doesn't help you. You think I'm kind man And will Not kill a human. This mistake is solving your rock In the future. My teeth are ready to eat your flesh. He want a blood and meat. He can to kill all them. You don't see exit, You will meet with death. This situation is fatal. God is not helping you. Rock is over, I'm angry, I want to drink your blood, It's satisfaction today. I'm happy man. Your blood gives me new power. And tomorrow beast will To kill them again. Ok, many people are here now. Who are you, dudes? Only meat for beasts. I see this show and smile.

Let's together, my friends, Don't stop dancing. Bones, bones, bones And lot of blood. And dead fleshes. This is your plan. I was as machine, I'm sorry not. You thought they are sick And powerless. And you can control our brains, We are slaves. We are slaves. Your chains make me bleed. I cryed and saw In the sky. Where is my help? You laughed, you felt. You are God and all is Ok! It was cool story, my baby. Let's go! I've started my own game! Run away, I kill you, Say goodbye for them. Your way Is road In the fucking hell, You can call Your friends. They will lie with you, I'm happy. I swallow Your horrible world. This mistake is solving your rock In the future. I see this show and smile. (4)
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