Текст песни Flame Of Life - Worms

They go in the eyes In your hair and hands. Their army is great. And it's a huge conquest. I remember this beginning, when I started have fear. That was given by enemies. You are killed and swim in blood. Where is your great power? Better go to sleep forever. This world is not for you. Brain is dead and I reclaim my problem. All doors are closed. It's a gift of Diablo. Worms are living in me And I can't change it. Better jump in oil and wait for flame. You are waste of Great World And must be destroyed. One human of billions Is a small sorrow. This sky is black. Worms fall down on the ground. And I hate this damned world Because they eat my flesh. And I sleep in that oil Because they're under my skin. I feel worm in body Which swallowed my meat. They are beginning to destroy my brain. It's horrible! It's worse than death. And I can't do anything, It's fucking rock! It's fucking rock! But I believe in my head. He is angry because he's hungry. They will breakfast or dinner. He is finding all them. These bitches will killed. He likes a fresh meat, when bring always rock. Tiger is my best guard. He is warrior, animal is defrost. When I need to get help. I'm immortal, my life is constant. Your arrows are broken today.
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