Текст песни Flame Of Life - Your Kiss

Bloody arms, Dirt dress. I'm going in Red steam of war. Bored eyes, Dark sky, Ground swim Under feet... Beginning of death... You wait when he will return And he stand here Your kiss as first always It gives me great force. Now I'm as terminator. Now I'm immortal soldier. I haven't fear when see death because your kiss Gives me life... I love you and it will be always. I'm zombie who doesn't know about Sick and death. My skin was made from metal, Shooting is laughing. My blood is hot as magma. It's dangerous for them. I will be guard of you My queen, I will Believe in every your word. This world is shit and now I stand alive because of you... What is it? It's death. Ok, come to me. My way wiil be long You aren't a problem You are just a lame clown I ready to fight. Are you ready to fall? Are you ready, my friend? We are immortal, Your kiss, I know I alive Because of this All right, your smile Is helping my hot heart. I like this it's my style, It's dangerous, you are my sun that shines on my way Every day...
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