Текст песни Fleshgod Apocalypse - And the Vulture Beholds

Cast out, ignored Disdained and scorned Humiliated by those I'll rise above Like a vulture I want for the lion to die Natural right set by purity of blood Ever longing the role I'm entitled to I will never renounce to that crown For no reason at all Time has come for me to reign My throne I claim now Oh father Let your heart hear Your firstborn words I feel it's time for me To rule this world Tired, fed up, Sick of it all I'm surrounded by crooks and prostitutes In this court Leeches suck royal blood without a brake Weaving in shadow to pursue their goals Imperceptible revolt against the lord Neverending conspiracy Shame on this pharisaic court I, amongst the lies Screaming but silent Thrown away while I conspire For I will live no more in the shadows And I'll never surrender myself to this fate In my disgrace bred by deceivers I lift my head With the heart in flames Without fear I will satisfy my desire Castigating the traitors as I overcome Irate, furious, Out of control I will kill all these tamperers one by one Destroying obstacles Standing between me and my rise Annihilating the aims of betrayers I'll extort what is mine with my own hands Desecrating my ancestry line To prevail on this land
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